Intrado Enterprise Communications

Intrado provides Carriers, Telecom Resellers and Enterprises essential telecommunication services. We understand the importance of reliable telecommunications for our client and their End-User communication needs. We enable other service providers to purchase unbundled Telephony VoIP services at lower costs by making investments in infrastructure which interconnect Carrier Worldwide.

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Legacy Brands serviced within this portal:

West Telecom Services

HyperCube Telecom

Wholesale Flowroute

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This portal provides you access to Intrado’s Enterprise Communication service contracts, rates, reports, and product marketing resources you need to establish services. We can only support the Legacy West Telecom Services, HyperCube and Wholesale on Flowroute at this time, please visit the main site for other Intrado Business Units.

SIP Voice Services

Equipped with next-generation technologies, Intrado Communications delivers tandem solutions designed specifically for the competitive service provider market. Intrado Communications is a licensed Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and an FCC 214 carrier. We own and operate redundant IP-capable switches across the country from Los Angeles to New York. Intrado Communication’s network reliability is why the leading wireless and competitive service providers in the U.S. trust us to terminate their toll free and long-distance traffic.

Our Class 4 and 5 switches provide complete coverage of the U.S. and surrounding territories throughout the North American Numbering Plan , giving service providers a cost-effective way to merge Enterprise telecom, mobile and IP technology onto a common, efficient backbone. Intrado Communication’s carrier-grade solutions help you manage a national and international presence, enabling you to expand your reach with no capital investment.

Local Services

Intrado Communications Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service allows customers to be reached from anywhere on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This service allows our customers to extend the reach of their telephone network rapidly with no capital expenditures or network expansion costs. Intrado Communications is a licensed Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and owns its own native telephone number ranges and network infrastructure. DID services can be used for any application that requires localized inbound calling.

Intrado offers IPES and CLECs the ability to leverage our network for Terminating Access Tandem demands. Home your numbers behind our CLLI and reduce operating expenses with greater network support.

Toll-Free Services

Intrado Communication’s Inbound Toll-Free service aggregates and terminates toll free calls to customer-specified destinations throughout the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) with highly flexible routing parameters. Our service is comprehensive with a host of routing features and capabilities included at no extra charge.

You set the controls. Our Inbound Toll-Free service offers customer-controlled routing options, flexible RespOrg ownership and easy-to-use customer administration web interface. Our pricing structure is simple, with a single all-inclusive rate.

Products and Services

Telecommunications require a robust Tandem network and Intrado supports all types of Carrier, Reseller, and Enterprise demands. We offer Unbundled telephony voice services at Wholesale rates to enable you to deliver on your customer or service communication needs. We support many XCaaS Providers, Resellers, and Large Enterprises with a suite of SIP Trunking Services.

Channel Partner Program

Partner with Intrado Communications to provide scalable and reliable worldwide telecom services for over 160 countries.

Integrated Solution and Services

As a Channel Partner, you can build cost-saving solutions to offer your clients. Unbundled by design to help you create unique offers across multiple suppliers.

Pre and Post Sales Engineering SupportPre and Post Sales Engineering Support

Channel Partners can leverage the Intrado Engineering teams to help manage their customer needs and deliver on technical solutions.

Customized Co-Branded Share Links

Digital Marketing / is more than just a domain, now you can create your very own custom affiliate share links to track all your opportunities. Align your brand with a modern digital marketing strategy.

Intrado Enterprise Communications Veteran Channel Program

Intrado is proud to partner with a number of organizations that support our Veterans. We support ways that positively impact the lives of Veterans from Employment to Training programs that help develop a career in our industry. Veterans who wish to join our Channel Partner Program can learn while earning commissions for their efforts. Register as a Partner to learn more.